Quick Tip – Best Sellers, Free Books & More


Last week, we covered how to navigate some parts of the WORDsearch Bible homepage, and this week we are going to look at the navigation bar also found on that same homepage. This is where you’ll find our bestsellers, free books, free training, and more! It is also where you will need to look if you have a coupon to use on our site.

You’ll find each tab in light gray right underneath the search bar. The navigation bar goes where you go, appearing on each page you visit for easy navigation throughout the site.

Here are some helpful hints about each tab:


Home – “E.T., phone home!” You can always find your way back to the homepage by clicking on the word Home from whatever page you are currently visiting.

On Sale – By clicking this tab, you’ll be able to find every book that is on sale at a discounted price. TIP: You can sort the listed books by price, author, or title. This applies to all tabs that have books on them.

Best Sellers – If you are interested to see what products are the most popular with our customers, go to this tab. You’ll probably see something you’d like to add to your library!

Free Books – This is a tab that everyone should visit. Over 200 FREE BOOKS! What are you still doing reading this post? You should be over on that tab downloading all the free wisdom contained in these books! To add free books to your library, you will just need to add them to your cart and go through the checkout process. You won’t be charged.

Gift Cards – Know someone who could use a gift card? Who doesn’t? To purchase WORDsearch Gift cards of different amounts, visit this tab.

Training – Did you know WORDsearch offers free training throughout the week with a live instructor? All you have to do is go to this tab, find a time that works for you, and register! There is even training on how to use myWSB. This is one feature of WORDsearch that sets us apart, so check it out, you’ll learn something!

Support  Just what it sounds like. You can find the different ways to contact our support team, links to training videos, Help FAQs, remote support, and see what books have been updated.

About – Want to know more about us as a company? Learn about our history along with some press and testimonials.

Coupons – If you have any coupons, you will go to this tab, paste your code into the box and click submit. Then you will go through the checkout process and your coupon will take affect.

Blog – A link to where you are now, the blog!

There’s this week’s Quick Tip! We hope this will help you navigate our website and not miss out on anything that might be important to you.

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