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In our past three Quick Tips, we’ve covered how to navigate the different parts of the WORDsearch Bible website. In this installation, we are going to continue exploring the sidebar on the homepage.

The WORDsearch sidebar is located on the left-hand side of the homepage, and is a light gray color. It has two main sections – Bible Software and Catalog. Today, we are going to look at the Catalog section.

The Catalog is where all of the books available for download into your WORDsearch library are located, organized by categories. If the category has an arrow next to it, like Commentaries, you can click on it to see narrowed down options. In Commentaries, this would be New Testament or Old Testament. If you just click Commentaries, you’ll see both listed together.

To help you find what you need, here is what you’ll find in each category listed on the sidebar.


Bibles  Just like it sounds, Bibles is where we have over 50 Bible translations that you can use in WORDsearch. Multiple Bibles in your library will help you to compare different translations and understand the meanings.

Bibles – Study Bible Notes – The way most Study Bibles are set up in WORDsearch is that the Study notes are separated from the Bible text so that you can use whatever translation you’d like along with the notes. This section lists out all the Study Bibles that we currently have available.

Bundles – To help save you money, we like to create bundles of books. You can browse the different bundles here.

Commentaries – This is where individual volumes of commentaries can be found.

Commentary Sets – If you are looking for a whole set of a commentary series, this is where to go.

Cross-References – There is only one cross-reference book, and it’s free! Check it out under this tab.

Denominational – If you are looking for something specific to certain denominations, you can look here.

Devotionals – Devotionals are a great addition to your library. These books are set up to automatically open to a new day for you each time you open WORDsearch.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias – All kinds of dictionaries and encyclopedias

Español – Did you know we have books that are in Spanish? Check them out here.

Handbooks, History & Culture, Interlinear, Journals & Periodicals, Lessons, Literature, Maps & Atlases, Outlines, Photographs & Art  – These are all just what they sound like!

Scripture-Synced Sermons – Scripture-synced sermons are sermon collections that sync with your Bibles and commentaries when you have them all open together.

Sermon Helps – Sermon helps include illustrations, outlines, expositions, and sermons from other pastors. These are incredibly helpful if you are a sermon creator.

Study Helps – Study Helps are different kind of books that are really meant to help you go deeper into your Bible study.

Study Notes, Surveys, Teaching Helps, Theology – These are also just what they sound like!

Topics – These are books that help organize the Bible into topics. These work great with the Topical Explorer.

Word Studies – Word Studies are books that will help you study the different words used in the Bible.

That’s it! What is your favorite category of book in WORDsearch? Share with us in the comments!

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