Quick Tip – Keyboard Shortcuts

quick_tips_fbHey WORDsearch users! This week’s Quick Tip is short and sweet, but so helpful for saving time when using the program. Did you know the WORDsearch desktop program has its own keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts are keys you can press on your keyboard to do something that would otherwise require using a mouse.

For example, instead of having to move your mouse and click to go to a different chapter in your book, you can just tap F11 on your keyboard or F12 to go back a chapter. You can open a book by just tapping F9. The chart below might seem overwhelming and slow to use at first, but once you start using keyboard shortcuts, they can become second nature and help you do everything much faster.


Try these keyboard shortcuts next time you are using WORDsearch, and let us know how it goes in the comments below!


  1. Being a WORDsearch user since the late 80s, I appreciate the shortcuts immensely. What is really great is that many of them haven’t changed at all. This aids in the natural flow of my work. The only shortcut key I wish you would bring back is F3 for going to a passage in a Bible window. It is simpler than control G. Thanks for the intuitive nature of WORDsearch 10,

  2. Have used a number of these, but it is great to have a full listing. Thanks!!

  3. Enter your comment here…Hi, I think you’ve listed out the shortkeys into an image, so, as a blind user, and screen reader dependent, I have no ideea what shortkeys you’ve posted here, excepting f9 and f11 which was mentioned in pplane text. Can you kindly make a list of them in notepad or simply type them here for me and other blind users?
    Thanks in advance.

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