WORDsearch 11 Is Here!


WORDsearch 11 is here! What’s new in this upgrade?

New Look
The first thing you’ll notice is a new streamlined, simplified design. All the toolbar icons have been redesigned to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. We’ve also reduced visual clutter whenever possible. If there are icons you never use, you can now hide them so that the options you use are even more obvious and easy to find.

You’ll also notice that the program now opens with 3 tabs across the top of the screen:

The Home Tab contains the “News Window” (used to be the EasyStart Screen) that gives you information on special sales and new releases.

The Library Tab is where you’ll find all the Bibles and books in your personal library. The Library Tab also gives a graphical view of your library where you can browse by cover image.

The Study Tab is the workspace where you can study with Bibles, books, and the built-in word processor. See a Quick Tip on the New Look.

LESSONmaker integration
LESSONmaker is a tool for creating small group lessons and Sunday school lessons rapidly. Simply type in what Bible passage or topic you want to make a lesson from, and select the lesson materials you have in your library. If you are really pressed for time, you can hit the panic button, and a lesson will be instantly created for you. These lessons can be printed for classroom handouts or can be exported to PowerPoint.

Cloud Backup/Restore
User data can now be safely backed up to the cloud. It’s not only safer and more robust, it makes synchronizing two WORDsearch installations easy.

Second Monitor Support
If you have a second monitor, you can now use it for an independently sizable workspace.

NoteStack Window
Quickly and easily organize notes from any Bible or book. Add your own notes as well as topical tags. Each NoteStack card links back to the exact place in the book the card is quoting, allowing you to go back and read the full context of a quote. Export/import abilities mean you can share some or all of your NoteStack cards with other WORDsearch users.

Customizable Toolbar
You can choose which buttons appear on the main toolbar.

Topic Explorer and Cross-Reference Explorer Speedup
Topic Explorer lookup is now virtually instantaneous even with extremely large libraries. Cross-Reference Explorer tested at 10 times faster than before for very large libraries, and even faster for medium-sized to smaller libraries.

A New “Open Book” button on the Toolbar
If you know what book want to open, you can do so quickly without leaving the Study Tab.

Upgrade to WORDsearch 11 for $39.95 until the end of September.

Need more help? Check out these tutorial videos. 


  1. Do you have to pay twice for the installation of WS 11 to a second computer?

  2. do I have to buy 2 licences to use it on my laptop?

  3. Great to see the new release of WS 11. New features look great.


    1. Is there a timeline for the release of the native mac version that was said last year to be in the works?

    2. Website says it is not compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11 beta. Is it compatible with OS Yosemite 10.10.5?

    • Hi Steve, thanks for the kind words! As for the Native Mac, we have no date set yet as more development would have to be done. This probably won’t happen in the near future. And yes, WS11 is compatible with OS Yosemite 10.10.5!

      • While waiting for the official El Capitan installer version, you can use the existing installer with a few extra steps
        1. In the Wordsearch ‘setup’ folder
        2. right click (or control click) on the setup.mpkg -> show package contents
        3. navigate to contents/resources
        4. click on WORDsearch 11.pkg
        5. follow the install prompts

  4. I see Wordsearch 11 doesn’t work with OS X 10.11 El Capitan beta. Will it be updated to work with it when the final OS X 10.11 comes out?

    • Hi Mike! We have developers currently working on WS11 for OS X 10.11 in hopes of having it ready by the time Apple releases it. Thanks so much!

  5. I use wordsearch almost exclusively on my iPad. All of the screenshots are for the windows version. Have there been corresponding improvements to the iPad app?

    • Hi Rob! We are continuing to improve the iPad version, but at the moment only the desktop version has the updated features. Thank you for your patience!

  6. Install my new WordSearch 11.0. Was happy, but my Notestack Icon has disappeared from the Toolbar. Am reinstalling 11.0 but if this doesn’t work, I will be very unhappy. How can I use Notestacks if the Icon isn’t there to click On??

    • Hi there! What kind of computer are you using? Try going to Options on the top Toolbar and then “Toolbar” under Startup and Paths. See if NoteStack is checked. If it isn’t, check it and click OK and see if it shows up. You can also reach NoteStack by going to Tools on the top bar and then “NoteStack” but let’s try to get that icon back! Let me know what happens and we will go from there. Sorry about that and thank you for your patience!

  7. Won’t install on Windows 10 – “setup resource decompression failure”

    • Hi Jim! It sounds like your your installer file might be corrupted. Try deleting the installer and then when you reinstall, it should fix this problem. Let me know how it goes. Thanks so much!

  8. I successfully install WS11 on Windows 10, but every time I click on a book in my library, Windows pops up a dialog stating, “You’ll need a new app to open this bk” and wants me to search for an app in the Windows Store. The resources open so it is more of an annoyance than anything, but is there a fix? Thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan, there is a fix for this and it will be sent out via smartupdate very soon. So sorry about the inconvience! Just make sure when you open WS and it pops up saying there is an updated version available that you say yes to download. Thanks so much!

  9. Kenneth Hyatt says

    I am having two issues so far.
    1. When I try to restore from one computer to another via the cloud, I get this message.
    “Cannot create file “C:UsersKENNET~1AppDataLocalTempKENNETH-MAC-PC.zip”. The system cannot find the path specifie

    2. When I try to restore from one computer to another via flash drive, my NoteStacks are not transferred.

    I would like to have it all working, but the main issue for me is the NoteStack situation. Thanks for any help you can give.

  10. Just to confirm that my current Quickverse 10 books can be imported into Wordsearch 11? Also I still have my old Parsons Illustrator 3.0 with 40,000 illustrations which I note forms part of your 75,000 Sermons Illustrations Bundle. Is there any way for me to import that?

    • Hi Wilson! Books from QV10 will show in WS11. Unfortunatly, we can’t import the Parsons Illustrator because that was a separate book. Thank you!

  11. Is anyone getting a 2330 error halfway into the 11 install?

  12. I still have WS10 after installing WS 11, do I uninstall WS 10


    • Connie Cox says

      That is my question also. Everything is confusing because of no variation in colors.

      Also I cannot find a way to look at books by author as in WS 10. Where is it?

      • Hi Connie! We are working on finding the books by author and it should be sent out in an update soon. As for the colors, changing them is not possible at this time, but thank you for your suggestion!

  14. I am disappointed that WS11 has still not fixed the Bible paragraph copy feature. While one can copy text as a paragraph, the copied text will all be one paragraph rather than in the paragraphs identified by the copied Bible text. QuickVerse had the ability to retain the translation’s paragraph formatting. Why is WS unable to do this still?

    • Hi Kevin, you can copy a Bible paragraph with the drag and drop method. Highlight the paragraphs and then click and hold the mouse while dragging that section to a word processor. When you release the mouse button then it will copy the same as you see it. That is also how we can copy Greek at this time. Thanks so much for your patience!

      • I have been doing that with Greek text for some time (another frustration). I do not know why I had never thought of doing it with English text. Thank you for the tip.

  15. I repeat the fellows question above. No color schemes?

  16. Will there be color schemes added in future updates?

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Rick! At this time it is not in the plan, but I’ll pass along your suggestion to the developers. Thank you!

  17. Why can’t I export a lesson to powerpoint 2010? When I try it says powerpoint cannot open the file. What do I do?

    • Hi Jerry! Tech support is aware of this issue and working on getting it fixed. Thanks so much for your patience!

      • Jerry Bryant says

        Thanks Kcornett. I will try to be patient but my wife says the only time I am patient is when I am fishing. And, I don’t fish with WordSearch. But I will try to be patient. Thanks for the reply.

  18. Jerry Bryant says

    Don’t know if anyone else is having the same problem but after installing the last update, LessonMaker won’t work. It will open, but when I click on a lesson, LessonMaker closes. Try it again, it opens, click on a lesson and it closes.

  19. Jerry Bryant says

    Anywhere close getting the problem exporting a lesson to PPT in WS11 fixed?

  20. Afolabi Ehikioya says

    Please can confirm if El Capitan is compatible with WS 11

  21. Jerry Bryant says

    Still waiting on a fix for powerpoint! Come on!

  22. I have LessonMaker for adults. Ran fine underl windows 7 and 8 – bombed in 10. There is a missing dll file. What can I do short of repurchasing.

  23. Looks like Lifeway hasn’t changed. No fix for Lessonmaker transporting to PowerPoint. No more dealings with Lifeway and software.

    • Hi Jerry, so sorry for the delay. While this bug is still very high up on our priority list to fix, another bug came along recently that required our developer’s immediate attention. As soon as that’s fixed, LESSONmaker will be looked at. I’m sorry again, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  24. Yes, please work on Lessonmaker. Tired of cutting and pasting when it shouldn’t have to be done. That is why I purchased WS11

  25. from what I am reading, I might just stay with WD10.5

  26. twila wilson says


  27. I just migrated from Win to MAC. What happened to zipscript? That was one of my most used tools.

  28. Do i need to own a previous WS program to buy WS 11?? I currently do not own one.

  29. Does Wordsearch11 have any added bible translation different from Wordsearch10

  30. can I upgrade to wordsearch 11 I have quickverse 10 Also, from the above comments does lesson maker run in WS 11 or is there still bugs in the program?

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