Quick Tip for WORDsearch 11 – Navigate the New Look


One of the biggest changes in WORDsearch 11 is the new streamlined, simplified design. All the toolbar icons have been redesigned to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. We’ve also reduced visual clutter whenever possible. It will take some getting used to, but this Quick Tip will help you navigate the basics.

Home Tab

When you first open WORDsearch, it will open to the Home tab. This is where you can see the latest sales and releases and also visit some helpful sites. To leave the Home tab, click the Study or Library tabs along the top of the bar in black.


Library Tab

The Library tab is where you find all of your books and documents. From the Library tab you can open one or multiple books, see all the books you have in different categories, manage your library, and browse your books either by book cover or in a list.


To open one book immediately, just click on the cover and you will be taken to the Study screen. If the book needs to be downloaded, you will see this image in the place of a cover:


If you would like to open multiple books without having to go back and forth from the Study and Library tabs, uncheck the box next to “Switch to Study tab after opening a book.”


Click on the hyperlinked text of the book title or the thumbnail image to open a book. The books are opening but you are staying on the Library tab when this box is unchecked. Click the Study tab to switch to it and see your open books

Study Tab

This isย WORDsearch Study tab. The bar along the top with the words “File,” “Edit,” etc., is known as the main menu. The white bar underneath it is the main toolbar. This is where you’ll find all your study tools: Search, Verse Explorer, Topic Explorer, Cross-Reference Explorer, Bible Notes, Instant Verse Study, Verse List, Word Processor, NoteStack, LESSONmaker, Parallel Bible, etc.


More detailed tips for each of these windows coming soon!

What do you think of the new look? Let us know in the comments below!ย 


  1. I am not happy to see the authors names missing from the list of books, nor can you sort the books by author any longer. The workaround is at least they haven’t changed the filter so you can filter by author. I am also unhappy that I can no longer correct the category that the books are in easily or customize it. I am happy to see Lesson maker back as I owned this.

    • Hi Dale, we are planning on adding sort by author and the ability to recategorize books soon. Thank you!

      • Thank you. While they are adding back authors would you suggest that they use the same method used by the web site and the properties when listing the author. The method they used in the past excluded the name if it was not coded in the cbp file under role=author (they will understand) thus missing titles where the author is listed as editor or other significant role. It is confusing when different methods are used and it makes the filter less useful as well. It results in a bunch of “none” in the listing.


  2. Janet Holland says

    I love WordSearch and like the update. Two suggestions:
    1) Please provide at least 2-3 “themes” that would allow us to add some color to the background. The screen looks “washed out,” and I actually find that some color (where we currently see gray) defines screen areas better and makes it more readable.

    2) Library list: I prefer to display a listing instead of thumbnail icons; however, the text is “in your face” huge…I’d prefer to see smaller text and more content per screen.


    • Thanks for your suggestions, Janet! I’ll pass them along.

    • Man oh man do I second the “washed out” comment! When I first opened it up, I thought something was wrong with it. It looked like something from 1975. Hope we get a contemporary theme soon.

      • Morris McGuire says

        While I believe they have our desires for the themes, let us pray that the Holy Spirit who indwells all of us to give them the gentle direction He wants for the product that’s His to begin with. These guys have worked tirelessly on this upgrade and we will be satisfied with the end results, does that sound reasonable ? Thanks for all your comments.

      • Sharon Ulstad says

        I agree so much…I just upgraded and spent 40 minutes trying find where I could load a different color theme like W10. Hope they change that and add pink as an option…a girl can dream can’t she lol

  3. This upgrade has got really good looks!

    One small problem though (version – “auto-arrange” isn’t fully working. Let’s say I have two windows, arranged side by side. If a collapse one of them, then the other is automatically maximized to fill the screen. But when by clicking on windows-bar I bring the collapsed window back, the maximized window stays maximized and the brought back window covers the right half of it, instead of being auto-arranged to take the left half of the screen.

    Thank you guys!

  4. I have recently upgraded to WordSearch 11.0 and am really enjoying it. I have one problem: My NoteStack Icon on the Toolbar has disappreared! Have reinstalled WordSearch twice, but my Icon for the NoteStack is still missing. Am running Windows 8.1 with an external 2 TB harddrive. My boot drive still has 130 GB free. Have a Dell Inspiron Desktop with 4 GB Ram on the Motherboard. I have tried everything I can think of to restore the NoteStack Icon and am having no luck.. Can still access NoteStack via the pull-down menu but am upset that there is no icon for it. Have gone into Settings to see the selections available for the ToolBar and there is no NoteTask Icon that I can check on the list available. Please, someone help!! I have hundreds of books in my WordSearch and really need your help restoring this ICON. Someone help me please!!!

  5. Morris McGuire says


    I too would like to see the color schemes back. It looks washed out. Is that coming anytime soon ?

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Morris. I will pass it along to our developers. Thank you for your patience!

      • Morris McGuire says

        Thank you for your reply, I will be patient and let me say you have added many great features so please don’t let my comment take away from all of the pluses of the upgrade. I know a lot of hard work went into WordSearch 11.

  6. Armando Rios says

    First off I want to thank all of the faithful brothers and sisters working at WS for their dedicated time and effort to make life a bit easier for us preachers, teachers and students of Gods word.

    I love what you did with the new library tab it was really annoying before coming off the left side of the screen.
    Also the library table view is really nice, I can actually see a picture of the books I own (2 thumbs up).

    I agree with sister (Janet Holland) and adding a few options on the themes would be great.
    In fact the first thing I tried to do when I opened up WS11 was to change the color because it seemed to dull for me and was very disappointed when there was no option for color scheme change.

    I noticed a few additions to the Word Processor but it still feels a bit mediocre when it comes time to preparing my lessons and sermons. Changing font size, style and color on text takes too much effort for me and also I would really like to see a button for highlighting text in your Word Processor.

    The Note Stack function seems like a good idea and I am looking forward in using this function more in the future.

    I am still exploring all that WS11 has to offer and overall I love what I see.

    Again thank you very much, WS has been a real blessing in my life.

  7. Morris McGuire says

    I agree with Janet above as to some options on color themes. Gray text on white background is not readable for many hours in the word.

  8. In WS10 if you added a bookmark there was a list that showed all existing bookmarks. Although I can bookmark in WS11 ….. I can find no bookmark list. So unless you have the same translation opened and opened to the chapter and verse you happen to have bookmarked there is no way to find bookmarks.

  9. Though several have said it before, I want to add to the request for some color options on the layout. When I first opened WS11, I was put off by the “washed out” looked. it is neither attractive nor comfortable to look at for very long. I personally liked the Smokey Quartz Kamri theme from WS10.
    On the Start up and Paths window, where you will hopefully put the Color Scheme option back, put an Apply button next to the OK button so we can see what the color scheme will do without having to repeatedly click on Options and Settings to explore the schemes.

  10. Garland Owens says

    I just downloaded Wordsearch 11 and am happy with so far. I am still learning to use the program.
    I wanted to put My favorite books into a different place. Perhaps that can be done. What I did was
    set up a desktop putting my favorite Bibles, commentaries, Dictionaries etc. Is the only way that can be done. I may be thinking about another Bible Program that I have.
    Garland Owens

  11. I enjoy your concern about how well we are able to use your product.

  12. Is there a way to view different chapters side by side or even able to view verses like Revelation on the same screen as viewing verses from Isaiah

    • Hi Pamela! Yes! If you open two copies of the Bible you are looking at, so let’s say you open the HCSB, then open it again, you can open one to Revelation, and one to Isaiah.

  13. tommytiptree says

    Hi, just tried out Wordsearch and found there are many great features, however unable to use for any length of time due to the white background which hurts my eyes. I have now uninstalled and am using ESword instaed as this allows me to change the background colour of the window.

  14. Morris McGuire says

    Brother Kcornett,

    After reading all of the pluses and minuses of Wordsearch 11 it appears the foundations of an effective product is available to help us be more productive in our goal to serve our Lord. One item not mentioned was the ability to add articles in Windows 10 to the Word Processor in WS11 and then be able to see the Bible references when hovered over with the mouse. Seems like a simple fix but what do I know. That and all of the request for color changes which is getting to be a “show-stopper” for some. I have even considered it.

    All of these have gone on for some time now and I would think we should see a solution to some of these soon, though it was initially said that no changes were forth coming regarding the colors and themes; I pray that has been reconsidered.

    I am sure I’m preaching to the choir on this, but the promise is to “where two or more agree on a request, it shall be done for them”. Can we, have we all agreed that these items should be added and at whatever the problem, our Lord, Who knows all things, has the solution; do we have the faith to place the requests at His feet and trust in His ability to answer our needs ? Psalm 50:15 Either way we will honor Him but I believe He’s waiting for us to place our FAITH in Him, as a collective group and watch our Lord work. He’s a Good Good Father and let us trust in His loving abilities. My verse is 11 Chron 16:9 that says, “He is looking back and forth throughout the earth seeking to demonstrate His power to those whose hearts are “completely His”, perfect towards Him. That means He has first place in all of our lives; does He ? Then let’s look to Him for these problems and begin the praises that follow such Prov 3:5-6 activity, “Trusting in Him and leaning not to our own understanding and He will make our paths straight.” OK, I’ve preached enough.

    Brother Kcornett please take it from here and give us your wisdom.
    Morris McGuire

    • kcornett says

      Hi there! I have forwarded your suggestions to our tech support team. Thanks so much for reaching out!

  15. Orichards says

    Hi, is there a fix for: when I click on the font icon in the word processor of WORDsearch 11, it gives me a error 241 message saying Unable to get property ‘length” if undefined or null reference. I will not allow me to change the font in the word processor.

  16. Milton Hobbs says

    I just upgraded to from WordSearch 10 to 11. I was taken aback by the cold and sterile appearance. I searched at length for my Iceberg Classico. Not having success, I sent an inquiry to Technical Support, which was bounced by their email filter:

    The response from the remote server was:
    Your email to group wordsearchsupport@lifeway.com was rejected due to spam classification. To address this issue: * Contact the owner of the group, who can choose to enable message moderation instead of bouncing these emails. * Set up SPF records for your sending domain if you have not done so already. Instructions for both steps can be found here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/168383.

    That’s strange. I have, in the past, communicated with Support from my registered email address.
    Now, it is with dismay that I discovered in this thread that the color scheme option has been deleted. I would like to explore WordSearch 11 but it is really hard to look at. I have been using, and loving, WordSearch for about 15 years and this is the first time I am sorry I upgraded. I guess for now I will go back to WordSearch 10.

    • kcornett says

      Hi Milton! That email address is correct, I’m not sure what happened there. The color scheme options are no longer available for WORDsearch 11, but will still work on WORDsearch 10. If you need help with a refund, email me at katie.cornett@lifeway.com. So sorry about that!

  17. Morris McGuire says

    To kcornett:
    Why are these coming back around as new email that was, I thought, completely determined that WordSearch was not going to reconsider adding the color options back in. So what’s new?
    Morris McGuire

    • Hi Morris, I think you are getting emails because someone commented on the post (since you previously commented.) Nothing new to report ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for your patience!

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