Quick Tip for WORDsearch 11 – NoteStacks


Quickly and easily organize notes from any Bible or book. Add your own notes as well as topical tags. Sound helpful? That is exactly what the new feature NoteStacks, included with WORDsearch 11, does.

Each NoteStack card links back to the exact place in the book the card is quoting, allowing you to go back and read the full context of a quote. Export/import abilities mean you can share some or all of your NoteStack cards with other WORDsearch users.

To open NoteStacks, click the NoteStack icon on the toolbar.

ws11notestackTo create a NoteStack card, you can either click the Create New Note button in the upper left of the NoteStack window or select text in the book you are reading, right-click, and select “Create NoteStack note from selected text.” Make sure you select the text by clicking and dragging instead of it just being highlighted.


A new index card will be created and a box will pop up where you can title the card and select the category you would like to put the card into.


In the Categories box you can search or create a category. These categories can be anything you want. Creation, Salvation, Sermons, etc. Once a category has been created it will show up when you search for it so that you can continue to add cards to it for easy reference. You can also select multiple categories for each card.

You can also create subcategories or any categories. When you create a new category, it will take you to the Category Manager where you can manage existing categories.


After you add the title and categories to your card you can either just create the card, or create and open the card.

If you open the NoteCard, you’ll see the content, a space for you to add notes and references, and an About and Usage tab. The About and Usage tab tells you when you created the card and gives you a space to create notes on when you used this card and for what. For example, if you create notes on sermon illustrations, you can make notes of when you used that certain illustration in a sermon.


You can also create links in your content and go directly to the source.

Once you have some NoteCards created, when you click on the NoteStack icon from the toolbar it will take you to the NoteStacks window where you can see all your note cards, search through them (by reference or text), edit them, delete them, or import other notes.

To open an existing NoteCard from the NoteStacks window, double-click on it.

To learn more about NoteStacks, watch this video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3GMUhEAZ-U?list=PL-Ne73oC9Uv58hx8V27ZbSnO2TnxujRHD]

Have you tried NoteStacks yet? What do you think? Share with us in the comments below!



  2. I wonder if their is a place where folks can share their notestacks with others of like mind? Would that be possible?

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