Quick Tip for WORDsearch 11 – Manage Your Library


This is a basic Quick Tip, but one that can really help you out if you want to remove or restore a book in your library. This is especially helpful if some of your books have become locked and you know you are not going to purchase them in the future. Removing these books can organize your library and open up space on your hard drive. Removing locked books can help you clear out your library at certain times when you know you wonโ€™t use the book or are finished with it, and you can always restore these books later on when you want to use them and see them back on your shelf.

You can remove unwanted books from your library using the Manage Library button on the Library tab:


Removing Unlocked Books

The Installed tab displays books that are installed and unlocked (owned by you). Select one or more unwanted books, then click the Remove Unwanted Books button at the bottom of the window. The books will be removed from your hard drive and will not appear in your Library window.


Removing Locked Books

The Locked books tab lists books that are installed in your Library but not owned by you. If you do not intend to purchase any of the books, you may want to remove them to free up space on your computer’s hard drive. If you want to remove all locked books, use the Select All button at the bottom of the window,then click Remove Selected Books.

Restoring Books

The Uninstalled tab displays books that you own but have removed from your Library. You can use this tab to restore one or more books. After you close the Manage Library window, your restored books will be unlocked but will still need to be reinstalled.

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  1. But how do you rearrange the Library? Like many of my sub-headings were lost in the transfer to WS 11. And there does not seem to be a way to create new sub headings. is there? I’d sure like a tip.

  2. Thank you “Great job with WORDsearch 11

  3. I have used this to remove books that are no longer supported such as WordSearch media Index. They were just clutter in my library at this point.

    I have also used this technique to fix a problem with some books. Namely sometimes a book will constantly say it needs updating and you update it but a day or two later it says it again. Removing the book completely and then reinstalling it may fix this problem.


  4. How can you move a book from one heading to another?

    Bobby the K

  5. Any news when an update will come so WordSearchBasic will work with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)? No longer works on mine and I tried reinstalling but then it cannot find the software to install. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Why don’t the NKJV bible show the subtitle?

  7. Can I import a book from another bible program ? or maps ?

    • Hi there! The only program you can use the same books would be QuickVerse. Thank you!

      • You can place PDF files in your documents\WORDsearch folder and they can be read inside the program but program features such as Bible links and syncing will not work. You will see them listed in My Documents.

  8. I purchased ESV bible from CBD, How can I add an EPub to my library?

    • kcornett says

      hi there! we aren’t a part of a partnership with CBD, but you can go to app.wordsearchbible.com and the ESV is free there. hope this helps!

  9. Wilson Lim says

    Hi. I realised that some of my library books are incorrectly categorized! Also would like to rearrange or create my own categories. How possible is this?

    Also would like to make a full print out of all my books, including title, author, publisher, year for catalouging purposes. As I now have almost 2000 books in Wordsearch library plus my Kindle and physical books – it is crucial to cataogue them together. Is that possible?

    If above are not possible – can it be given priority for upcoming updates? I am certain these are important and useful options.

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