WORDsearch 11 Update


Hi everyone! An update has been published for WORDsearch 11 earlier this week that should help with some of the issues you might have been experiencing. If you haven’t yet, SmartUpdate your program for the latest version. You can do this by going to Help – Check for Updates when you have WORDsearch 11 open. Or when you open the program, if you don’t have the latest version, it should prompt you by asking if you want to update your program.

With this update:

  • Highlighting is now more robust.
  • The app not closing properly if the Info Window was visible is fixed.
  • The bug has been fixed that was causing some volumes to not show up in the Library
  • The Library window can now detect missing thumbnail images for your book covers and download them.
  • Removed outdated browser bookmarks.
  • Updated support info to properly report Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
  • Fixed issue right-clicking in Library window on empty row.

We are continuing to work on updates and fixes for bugs, thanks so much for your patience!

Learn more about WORDsearch 11 here.


  1. Thanks for continuing to work on the “bugs.”

  2. FYI – When I start the program it goes to the home screen even though I have it set to show sturdy desk when the program starts in the settings and startup and path settings window.

  3. Jerry Bryant says

    Updated but still can’t export to PPT. That is why I bought WS 11

    • Hi Jerry! This is one of our top fixes that will hopefully be out soon! Thank you so much for your patience and so sorry about the inconvenience!

  4. I’m having a problem with WS11. When I switch chapters I get an error message and the program stops working. I have run a complete scan with Norton 360 and I have defragged my
    hard drive. Nothing has helped. Can you/

    • Hi Harold! If you call tech support at 888.854.8400 and they’ll be able to remote in to your computer and help you figure this out! Thanks so much!

  5. I am a user of WORDsearch 11 for Mac. I cannot bring up the dropdown in the Study mode to select Book, Chapter, and Verse.

    • Hi Richard! This is a bug that is currently being worked on and should be fixed soon. Thanks so much for your patience!

  6. Just finished an update on Wordsearch 11, operating windows 10, WORDsearch goes unresponsive after about 5 minutes. Task Manager says it is interacting with the CPU @30% and there is nothing else being processed.

  7. needs to have a highlighter on the word processor

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