Quick Tip – Quickly See Scripture References


While you are studying a dictionary, commentary, or any other kind of book that mentions Bible verses in WORDsearch, it can be helpful to quickly see the full text of the verse to understand the context or even just read it if you can’t remember that verse exactly.

There are two ways you can do this in WORDsearch, and it really just depends on your preference or the kind of studying you are doing at different times. The Info Window is a window that will stay on the right on your screen no matter what. It will navigate to whatever reference you hover over in your other books.

To turn on the Info window, go to View on the main toolbar and make sure Info Window is check marked. You can also use the Info Window button to toggle the Info Window off and on.

In the picture below, the moment the mouse cursor passed over the reference to “2 Sam. 7:1-2”, the Bibles in the Info window navigated to that reference, highlighting the referred-to verses.


Changing translations in the Info window

You can also have multiple translations included in the Info Window that you can toggle through. (They will all follow the referred-to verse as well.) The fastest way to add, remove, or change the order of translations included in the Info window is to click the “+” tab, highlighted in red below:


The Info window allows you to read the verses before and after a referred-to verse, quickly see the verse in other translations, and copy a verse or verse range to the Windows clipboard to be pasted into a document or email.

If instead you prefer a simpler and more space-saving method of seeing the text of a referred-to verse, just turn off the Info window. When the Info window is hidden, referred-to verses are displayed in popups called SmartLinks.


Toggle the Info window on or off by pressing the Info window button, highlighted in red in the picture above

 Seeing the Scripture references your books are talking about without having to flip through or even open a Bible is one of the great benefits of using WORDsearch.

Do you prefer the Info Window or SmartLinks? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. Gene Shively says

    I prefer the SmartLinks because I frequently have two windows open at the same time, so space is at a premium.

  2. I tend to use the smartlinks also because it is easier to manage the screen real estate. It should be mentioned that the info window was available also in WordSearch 10 and is not available in Basic WordSearch although smartlinks is. I have used infolinks when I want to read a lot more than the box I have set aside. But then if I want to do that I will usually switch to my iPad as it is a more comfortable reading device.

  3. Edwin Davis says

    I prefer Smartlink, because Info Windows take up screen place.

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