Quick Tip – Adding Favorite Books in Your Library


Did you know you can mark your favorite books as “Favorites” in your WORDsearch 11 library? The Favorites section in the Library tab is a handy tool for fast access to the books you find yourself consulting the most often. (Or just books that you love!) This is especially helpful if you have a large library. Today’s Quick Tip will show you how to add a book to your Favorites.


The Favorites section on the Library tab

Adding a Book to the Favorites Folder

To add a book to the Favorites folder, in grid view or list view, you’ll see a gray star next to the book’s cover image or title. Click on that star and it will turn yellow, meaning it has been added to your favorites. Now that book will appear when you click on Favorites in the book categories list.


A book that is marked as a favorite

What books do you have as favorites in your library? Share with us in the comments! 


  1. James Schafer says

    I have used this, BUT what I am really looking forward to is the ability we once had to bookmark a passage in a book, or website, etc. and be able to click on it to return to my place.

  2. GarlandOwens says

    The favorites list is great,but I sure would like to categorize them in BIBLE, COMMENTARIES, DICTONARIES ETC. any way that can be done?

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