Quick Tip – Bookmarks


Bookmarks are useful to mark locations of books that you’d like to be able to return to at a later time. Bookmarks are organized in the Bookmark section of the Library tab.

Bookmarks vs. Hyperlinks
When should you use a bookmark and when should you use a hyperlink? Both techniques create a marker that allows you to jump to a previously visited location. The difference is in how the two tools are used. Hyperlinks exist in documents or notes. So a hyperlink is the mechanism to use to create a clickable link in a document, but is only accessible when you are reading that section of the document. Bookmarks are always accessible from the Bookmark section of the Library tab. Thus bookmarks are ideal to create links that can be used outside of the context of any particular document.

Creating a Bookmark

To create a bookmark, open a book window, and click the Bookmarks button in that window’s toolbar:


When this button is depressed, small squares will be revealed in the book text. Click on a square to create a bookmark to that location.


The Add Bookmark dialog will be shown.


Navigating to a Bookmark

To go to a previously created bookmark, click on it in the Bookmarks option on the Library tab.


  1. David Willis says

    This would be an excellent feature if it worked! I have drawn attention to it and it hasn’t been fixed. I have had to revert to WS10 to regain it.

  2. When I follow your directions and put a check mark in a place in my book, the Favorite dialog opens and I see Favorites along with my previous Folders, so I select a Folder and click OK.

    Then I go to Library>>Favorites and NOTHING is there. Sure hope this really gets fixed.

    • Hi there! You should see “Bookmarks” on your library tab, and that is where it should be. Do you see a Bookmarks that you can click on?

      • Thanks for the reply, I was following the graphic above “Favorites” and did not see in your text you said “Bookmarks.” Now I see them, but there are many that I had in Favorites that are not there. At least I have my Bookmarks. Thanks again for the explanation.

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