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“It is a wicked thing to offer God anything for His salvation when it is already paid for by the Blood of His own precious Son. Do not insult Him by pleading any merit of your own, but come as a poor bankrupt sinner; confess you have nothing to offer and be willing to be saved by grace. Receive the gift so freely proffered.”

Dr. Harry A. Ironside was one of the most creative and articulate expositors of the 20th century. The H.A. Ironside Preaching Bundle from WORDsearch is a rare, hard-to-find collection of 70 volumes of Ironside’s work. Very few authors deliver the preacher useful sermon helps like Ironside.

Browse jut one Ironside commentary and you’ll be hooked. His Bible insight is astonishing. The H.A. Ironside Preaching Bundle includes his commentary for the entire New Testament, plus 24 books of the Old Testament.

Also included are:

  • 17 volumes of Ironside’s sermons. Much of what he says in his sermons could easily be applied to creating many lessons on a variety of Bible texts.
  • 5 volumes of sermon helps
  • A book on prayer
  • 2 books on Christian living
  • A volume of sermon illustrations. WORDsearch makes it easy to find exactly what you need for any Scripture or topic and to apply it to your sermon or lesson. Ironside’s personal Bible – the one he used every day for his own studies. Every page is packed with personal notes and observations in the margins. It reads like a concise commentary.
  • 9 theology volumes
  • A devotional
  • A biography
  • A rare volume on the 400-year intertestamental period

You’ll benefit from a lifetime of scholarship. Most of Ironside’s works have gone out of print and are now hard to find. This is one of the most complete collections of Ironside works available.

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  1. Picked this up just recently and I’m still learning the tools that came with it. So far it is looking like an excellent addition to my Library.

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