Quick Tip for the New Year – Bible Reading Planner


At the beginning of a new year, most of us set goals and try to start new habits (or kick bad ones for good!). A common goal for believers is to read more of the Bible, and the Bible Reading Planner inside of WORDsearch can help you do this. Staying organized can keep you motivated and excited to read the Word every day.

The Bible Reading Planner allows you to create a customized calendar that will enable you to systematically read through the Bible (or a portion of the Bible) at a pace comfortable for you. The Bible Reading Planner tracks your progress using color codes indicating assigned, completed, and uncompleted readings.

The basic unit of a Bible reading plan is a Bible chapter: only entire chapters are assigned to be read. Thus, your reading plan will never instruct you to read the first half of a chapter one day and the remaining half the next day.

Do you have any goals for 2016? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. Pastor Johnnie P. Bullock says

    Hi, I received an iMac computer for Christmas. I already have Word Search 10. My question is how can I get word search 10 for my iMac. Do i have to purchase it again?

    • Hi there! No, you don’t need to purchase again. You can re-use the original CD or DVD, or if you purchased by download, email sales@wordsearchbible.com or call (800) 888-9898 and they will send you a new download link. Thanks so much!

  2. One of my goals is to read the Bible and works relative to it more consistently and faithfully and to memorize the Word more consistently as well. I also want to thank Wordsearch for all the tools and resources they make available to us.

  3. I have been using the Bible Reading Planner since the beginning of the year. It is a great tool to keep me on track with my reading. I setup a Desktop just for the Planner, with my Bible and Parallel Bible as the only things on it.

    I started with a 1 year plan, but after a few days switched to a 6 month plan, which works great for me

    Love my WordSearch 11


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