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“God’s work and witness go on, the only question is whether or not we will be in on it…When God called me to preach and when He calls you to teach Sunday School or to form a witnessing club for neighborhood children or to be a nursing home visitor, or to go to the mission field, etc., that is a special call with your name on it. The only question is, have you found it and are you doing it?”

Expository Preaching Through the Old Testament is a 21-volume sermon collection by Rev. Bob Marcaurelle. For 54 years, Marcaurelle has pastored the Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina.

In these volumes, Marcaurelle takes you through the Old Testament, preaching on most every major story and character. He provides an endless supply of fresh material for preaching and teaching. Reading his sermons will make you want to sit and listen to him preach, they are that good. Excellent teaching flows from every paragraph.

Marcaurelle’s sermon outlines are well thought out and deeply researched. Most of his outlines are beautifully alliterated. He offers a great amount of detail, insights, observations, and life applications that makes it easy to take what is useful for sermons and lessons of your own.

Exhibiting a keen insight into the hearts and motives of the men and women of the Bible, Marcaurelle’s work brings forth a few inspiring patterns. He shines new light on Bible characters and draws accurate comparisons to the same behavior we display today. For example, Marcaurelle describes Saul as a king who started well and finished poorly. Saul was man who began with everything going for him, and died a man who had nothing going for him. He compares Saul to notable people in our time who still follow this same pattern. Then he systematically lays out godly principles to help us avoid the traps that will ruin a life. His sermons on Samson, Solomon, and other characters make similar observations.

Read two samples from the first volume on David below. We hope you’ll be blessed and inspired by the content.

Read the sample here.

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