Quick Tip – Docking Windows


A powerful technique for having multiple windows open at the same time, yet maintaining maximum room to read text, is to “dock” multiple windows. This way, you could have all the Bibles you are using docked into one window next to five different commentaries docked in their own window (so only two different windows open, plenty of reading space!). This saves you from having to have many windows open with a tiny amount of reading space for each one.

To dock a window:

1. Click and hold the left mouse button on the bumpy “drag area” at the upper left of the window. It is outlined in red in the picture below.
2. Drag your mouse cursor onto the book text of the window you want to dock to (note: don’t try to drag onto the toolbar of a window; drag lower, onto the book text), and release the button.


After docking, you will see “tabs” appear at the top of the window. In the picture below, three Bibles have been docked, and their tabs are outlined in red. To read any docked book, bring its tab forward by clicking on it. TIP: Right-clicking on a tab will allow you to undock it.

There’s today’s Quick Tip! Hopefully this helped you figure out how to save your reading space and get on your way to better Bible study. Do you dock your windows when you usually use WORDsearch? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for continuing to provide excellent “Tips.” I like this idea, but when I found the Carousel it is so much better. Doesn’t crowd the window and makes it easy to scroll through my Bibles or Commentaries, etc..


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