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Moody (3)A seven year project, The Moody Bible Commentary is a single volume of excellent scholarship covering the entire Bible. Thirty Bible scholars, all faculty members of the Moody Bible Institute and Seminary, combined their unique skills and areas of expertise to make this commentary accurate, reliable, and readable by everyone.

The Moody Bible Commentary’s insight on each passage of the Bible is crisp and easy to understand. The authors promise (and deliver):

  1. A commentary that is trustworthy.
  2. A commentary that is understandable.
  3. A commentary that shows the logic of biblical books.
  4. A commentary that deals with difficult verses.
  5. A commentary that uses a literal interpretive method and applies it consistently.
  6. A commentary that sees the Old Testament as a messianic text.
  7. A commentary that is based on the original languages of Scripture.
  8. A commentary that is user-friendly.

Each book of the Bible is skillfully introduced, providing you with the historical setting, the author, the audience, and any interpretive issues.

You’ll also find a well-organized outline, allowing you to trace the argument or storyline of each book. This outline is then followed throughout the text of the commentary.

The commentary takes a conservative, evangelical perspective that reaches across denominational lines. The authors tackle problem issues as they emerge in the text, and difficult passages are not ignored. Debated topics are honestly discussed, and, when scholarship yields no clear consensus as to meaning, the authors do not artificially create one.

Using The Moody Bible Commentary in WORDsearch provides you with advantages over the print edition. You can use the Topical Explorer to quickly research topics that occur in your studies. You’ll also discover that the authors of this commentary expertly use thousands of Scripture verses to shed light on any passage you’re studying. All of these Scripture references are hyperlinks in WORDsearch, which pop up when you hover over the link, or take you directly to each reference when you click on the link.

Since 1886, the Moody Bible Institute has been training students of the Bible to engage in evangelical ministry. D.L. Moody began this institute while ministering to people who had been left homeless from the great Chicago fire. Today, the work of Moody Bible Institute and Seminary continues as thousands are trained for ministry.

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