Quick Tip – Special Book Features


Have you ever opened a book in WORDsearch and seen the weird orange asterisk looking icon on the toolbar? If your book has that icon, you should be excited! This means that your book has special features. Commentaries and study Bibles are the most common books that include special features, but other books can have them as well. So always be on the lookout for that icon when opening a book.

Special features in WORDsearch is a catch-all term for groups of items that a reader might take particular interest in. Examples include maps, charts, timelines, and photographs.

Most books don’t have any of these special features, but for those that do, that icon will appear on the book’s toolbar:


In the image above, the special features button (outlined in red) has been clicked, and the drop-down menu is showing available special features for this book, the Life Application Bible Notes.

From this drop-down menu, you can see all of the available types of special features for that book. For this particular book, the special features include “megathemes,” timelines, maps, charts, and profiles. In this book, “megathemes” are charts throughout that explain the biggest themes of the Bible book are you in, along with that theme’s importance. Also in this example, a profile is a summary of a Bible character’s life, including strengths and weaknesses, lessons from life, and a key verse, all in one handy place. If you navigate to any of these types, all of that kind of special feature are listed out in a table of contents for you.

For example, if I select Maps, all of the maps in the entire book are listed out in a table of contents so that I can easily look at them. This way, I can navigate to whatever map I want to see without having to read and search the entire book. I could also see this being extremely helpful if I was doing a character study on someone from the Bible. I could easily open the Profiles table of contents and open the profile of the person I am studying.

maps special features toc

Of course, everything is still in its place in the book if you just want to go through normally, but this table of contents can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for something specific.

Special features are a fun bonus to books in WORDsearch – so keep an eye out for them and use them! What is your favorite kind of special feature in WORDsearch? Share with us in the comments below!

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