Quick Tip – WORDsearch Offers Interest-Free Payments


You may have found products on our website that have a higher price tag associated with it that you wish you could add to your digital library, but the cost was simply too much at that time.  Did you know that WORDsearch offers interest-free payments on larger priced items?

On any item or combination of items that total out to around $150 and up, we are happy to offer a payment plan option to our customers.  As the total for the order rises, so do the number of months that are allowed for the order to be paid off in.

The great part about it all is that there are absolutely no transaction fees or interest taken of any kind.  Plus, once the first payment is taken, the customer receives the entire order of books that same day.  Then, once a month until the order is paid off, the credit card on file will be drafted by our finance department.

Here is a breakdown of the typical payment plans that are offered:

Total Order Amount                 Months of Payment Plan

$150 – $299                                          2 or 3 months


$300 – $499                                         3 or 4 months


$500 – $699                                         5 or 6 months


$700 and up                                        6 months

Take an item such as the Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible Commentary, currently on sale for $499.95. If this was something you wanted to add to your library, then you could pay it off over five months, which would break down to just around $100 up front on the day of the purchase, and then about $100 a payment once a month for the next four months.

To learn even more about this, please contact our sales department at 1-800-888-9898 or at sales@wordsearchbible.com for more information.


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