5 Benefits of Biblical Distance Learning

HBU Distance Learning

WORDsearch has partnered with Houston Baptist University to bring you the HBU Certificate Program: The Story of the Bible, a concentrated Bible course that will further your education. If you are considering advancing your biblical education, there are some major benefits to learning through this distance education course.

What are some of the benefits of the HBU Certificate Program distance learning?

  1. You can take the course at your own pace. With The Story of The Bible, the entire program is taught through 11.9 hours of video instruction. Instead of sitting in a classroom, you can engage with the course from anywhere that has an Internet connection via myWSB.
  2. Learn from the best. Noted scholar Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr. will be your teacher. Sloan is currently the president of HBU, and is a highly respected theologian and experienced teacher of the Bible. You will appreciate Sloan’s warm demeanor and straightforward approach to dispensing biblical truth.
  3. Cover the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Sloan starts teaching from Genesis 1:1 and invites you to study along with him at your own pace. He makes certain you see the themes that tie the story of the Bible together. Sloan reminds us that we all know how the story begins and ends. But most of the Bible is what he refers to as “the great middle,” and you’ll be inspired and blessed by how Sloan brings understanding to each book. He does so in a practical way you will find useful when ministering to others.
  4. Q & A Sessions set up your studies for success. The first 8 videos in this course clarify sound practices for studying the Bible. Sloan offers understanding of the terms exegesis, hermeneutics, homiletics, textual criticism, etc to give you a firm foundation for the rest of the program.
  5. It’s affordable. College courses are expensive, but online distance learning drastically lowers the price. You can enroll in the HBU Certificate Program for the introductory price of $149.95. Once you’ve completed your studies, you’ll receive a beautiful Certificate of Study diploma by mail. You can also participate in the graduation ceremonies help on campus in Houston.

Completing this course requires time and effort. Like most academic endeavors, rewards are in line with efforts. The Story of the Bible is worth the effort, and completion is worthy of recognition. Read more about this program and enroll here.

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