Quick Tip – Book Samples

Quick Tips for Bible software

Did you know almost all of the books we offer on WORDsearch have a sample on their webpages? These samples are taken straight from the book’s content. Samples of the book’s content help you get a feel of the tone of the book and see what kind of content is included.

To read a sample on our website, first go to a book’s product page.

In this example, we’ll visit the Tyndale Old and New Testament Commentary.

Under the picture of the book’s cover image, you’ll see a yellow button that says “View Sample.”

Tyndale Old and New Testament Commentary, Bible software

Click on this button and the book’s sample will pop up in a window on your screen.

Sample of Tyndale Commentary, Bible software

You can scroll through the text by moving the slider on the right of the box. To close the sample box and go back to the description of the book, click “Close” in the right corner of the box.

There’s this week’s Quick Tip! If you’ve been thinking about adding a book or set to your library, don’t forget to check out their samples. For sets, you can usually see a sample of each book in the set by visiting each of their webpages. (Some exceptions, like Tyndale, apply.)

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