Mac Update

WORDsearch Bible Software Desktop Update

Hi everyone! Quick update.

At this time, WORDsearch 11 and WORDsearch 10 will not work on the new Mac Sierra Beta. Once Sierra is officially released, we will resolve this issue.

Thanks so much for your patience!


  1. It doesn’t work well on Mac El Capitan. Very disappointed in the user interface and navigational experience.

  2. Any updates yet? ETR?

  3. Any update on this?

  4. John Grant says

    Sierra has been released and WordSearch is not working for me. Any reason?

  5. John Grant says

    Got the latest instructions. All fine. Thanks.

  6. Robert Archer says

    It has been almost two months! When?

  7. Hello there!!!
    I have two laptops, one Windows and the software is working really good BUT, in my MacBook with the Sierra 10.12.1 DOESN’T work; in fact, It won’t install from the CD, when I run the CD with the software and I follow all the instructions, when ALMOST finish the installation comes this: The software won’t install because there’s no software to install… HELP ME PLEASE!!! Thank you and have a blessed day… 🙂

  8. Shawn Mack says

    Good morning Word Search… please give us a date when your program will work with MACs Catalina update. I really do not want to suffer the safety and reliability problems because I can’t upgrade due to your programing…. PS I contacted you a year ago about this issue. Thank you.

    • Hi Shawn, I understand. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an exact date, but are hopeful it will be very soon. We are working as hard and fast as we can.

  9. James R Grisham says

    I wood like word search 12 on my iPad Air.

    • Hi James, we do not currently have Wordsearch 12 for the iPad, but we do have an app you can download from the app store.

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