WORDsearch 11 December Updates


Hi everyone!

Two new updates for WORDsearch 11 users.

To update your WORDsearch 11 – when you open your program a pop-up will alert you of an update, or you can go to Help – Check for Updates, and it will download the update if your program isn’t up to date.

First, the Resource Panel is back! The Resource Panel allows you to see all your library and other content right from the Study Tab. With the Resource Panel and the Book Open shortcut, you can access your content faster and more conveniently than ever before. The Resource Panel appears on the left-hand side of the Study Tab, you can pin or unpin so that it is either open all the time, or only there when you hover over it. It is divided into Library, User Books, Favorites, Documents, and Verse Lists.

The first time you open WORDsearch 11 after the update, you’ll have the option to turn on the Resource Panel through a pop-up window. If you miss this, or want to change your settings later, you can go to Options – Settings – Books and Windows to turn the Resource Panel off or on.

Find more information about the Resource Panel by watching this video:

The second update adds color tabs for grouping inside WORDsearch 11.Grouping organizes your books to follow along with your Bible, and you can have up to four different groups. With the new color tabs you can see which group each tab is in, so as your studying you can see which tabs are connected. (You can turn this off in Settings if you just want gray.)

Learn more about colored tabs in the video below.


  1. I have documented the resource panel here http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/WordSearch_Bible_Resources

  2. Mike Zimmer says

    freezes on 2016 MBP SIERRA 10.12.2

  3. Thank you for the return of the resource panel. I like using it over having to go to the library every time I want to look in another book, commentary, dictionary, etc.

  4. Richard Brittain Jr says

    I too really appreciate the return of the resource panel. Very helpful!!

  5. Dan Cleghorn says

    I would love to see an option added to report typos. This would allow Wordsearch to improve the quality of their books.

  6. Brent Musgrave says

    Thanks for the update to the desktop version. Can you share anything with us regarding a future update to the mobile platforms, in particular Android mobile devices which have lagged behind the iOS? Thanks!

  7. Really appreciate the New Update For WORDsearch Version 11.0 Would like everyone to know about the Zerr Bible Commentary for WORDSearch 11.0. It is available at this webpage address: http://djmarko53.wixsite.com/churchbooks/zerr-s-bible-commentary

    So far, you can download the latest version which contains Romans thru Revelation. This is a great commentary and is a Verse by Verse Commentary. It far exceeds Johnsons’ New Testatment Notes, which I like, but Zerr’s is better.

    From the above address you can download Zerr’s in PDF Format for every book in the Bible. If you want, you can copy and paste from the PDF Book(s) into your own Userbook in WORDsearch. You are welcome to use the above Downloadable Userbook to get you started. I have started to add ACTS to this book and will make it available for WORDsearch users when done.

    There is a lot of Biblical Information in this Commentary. Originally it was in Six Volumes, which I have in Print from 1947 and 1952. See the above link for adding to your WORDsearch directory on your PC. I have a Windows 10 Tablet and not sure if I can add it to WORDsearch on my Tablet. Will try that this weekend. Info about that will be found at the above link.

    Thanks to Lifeway and wORDsearch. Hope you enjoy the above Link. I apologize for any Typos. Just didn’t have the time to correct and keep forgetting about the Spell Check Feature….

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