Memorial Day Devotional


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Memorial Day has come to signal the beginning of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with cookouts and get-togethers with family and friends. In the excitement of the day it is imperative that we remember those who have paid the greatest price to ensure our freedom as a nation.

The sacrifice of countless men and women in military uniform has a very real presence for many Americans. Many will remember their heroic loved ones who defended American freedom with the greatest measure and now leave an empty space at the table this Memorial Day. As we remember those who have given their lives, we must also not forget the personal sacrifice of the family and friends they leave behind.

It is my hope that we as Christians continue to honor our fallen heroes by continuing to present the Word of God to our nation. It is this Word that has been a final encouragement to many an American on the battlefield and also a comfort to the ones who remember them for their heroic deeds.

As we gather this Memorial Day let us remember the sacrifice of those fallen as well as the Maker of heaven and earth who sustained them and continues to be an ever-present help. May we consider reading Scripture aloud this Memorial Day, perhaps Psalm 121.

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  1. bob huffman says

    very nice comment and very true. I pray that America will turn back to God before it’s too late. When America was founded God was at the center of everything contrary to very deceived modern men or liars who want to dishonor and pervert the truth. America never lost a war until we forced schools to begin teaching lies and began to murder our babies etc.. We have not won a war since and we never will if God is not in control and he offers absolutely no blessings to any nation that has turned against him. Those who are in the military if they know Christ are safe in him with the knowledge that they will never actually die. Lets pray that all those in the military come to know Christ so that they do not perish in war or anywhere.

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