Save Hours of Research with A New Resource Unlike Any Other

Example of Exegetical Summary Series – Matthew alongside the ESV

You can save many hours of research in God’s Word with the new Exegetical Summary Series. Compare and summarize excellent Bible translations commentaries, lexicons, and other study resources, all from your WORDsearch desktop.

The Exegetical Summary Series – A Resource Unlike Any Other

For each passage of Scripture the editors of this work guide you in a systematic and practical way. They take great care in helping you exegete, or interpret, each passage by offering these 4 sections:

  • Semi-Literal Translation: For each passage, a “semi-literal translation” is provided as a basis for discussion. It’s called semi-literal because word-for-word translation is impossible. Sometimes it requires more than one word to translate an ancient word, and other times only one word is necessary to translate several ancient words.
  • Text: There are many slight “variations” in the Greek texts. These variations are noted and identified with notes on the differences in the text.
  • Lexicon: The meaning of each key word in context is crucial to translation and interpretation. The Exegetical Summary Series provides word definitions from the highly regarded Louw and Nida 1988 (LN) as a default lexicon. But it doesn’t stop there. It also provides alternative translations offered by other respected dictionaries.
  • Questions: Defining and translating ancient words is not enough. Questions arise with the translation of every few words. The authors of the Exegetical Summary Series ask these questions—many are the same questions you would ask. For example, John 1:4 says “in Him was life.” The author asks the question, “Does the word ‘life’ mean spiritual or physical life?” There are 3 possible answers to this question and this is where the Exegetical Summary Series really shines. It cites 15 different reference works that support one or more of these options. It doesn’t quote the full commentary texts, but summarizes, guiding you where to go for further study.

A Summary Comparison of Many Reference Works

Scores of top-notch reference works are consulted, many of which you may already own, such as:

You’ll find thousands of questions followed by scholarly research that provides a summary of resources to help you answer these questions. If you are preaching, teaching, translating, or doing serious study of God’s Word, the Exegetical Summary Series gives you a huge head start on your research.

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