Sermons, Commentary & Cross-Referencing – All in One Resource

Have you used The Sermon Notebook in your WORDsearch library? If so, great news! Alan Carr has added 12 new volumes of topical sermons that you can add to your library for free! Just open WORDsearch, and you will get a pop-up box asking if you would like to update a book in your library. If you click “yes, update it” these sermons will be added. (If you don’t see a pop-up box, go to Help – Check for Book Updates.)

If you haven’t added The Sermon Notebook to your library, it is on sale now! Created over 30 years of preaching ministry, The Sermon Notebook is a massive collection of sermons that also function as a commentary and cross-reference resource. Full of research and material that’s easy to personalize, The Sermon Notebook will greatly benefit your ministry.

Over 1,148 sermons spanning Genesis through Revelation will be at your fingertips. These are full-blown sermons with alliterated outlines, supporting Scriptures, and practical applications, that teach, challenge, convict, and inspire.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the large number of sermons. WORDsearch makes it easy to find what you need. To navigate this huge collection, a sermon index of each sermon by the title or verses covered is included. This way, you can see the sermons verse-by-verse or topically. You can also search by topic or just go to the Bible book you want to preach or teach from.

By using the table of contents filter, you can type in a topical term like “Christmas,” or even type in a Bible book like Psalms to see which of Carr’s New Testament sermons mention the Old Testament book. As with all books in WORDsearch, you can also use the search feature to search any word he might say by narrowing your search to just The Sermon Notebook.

Carr’s work is high-quality, and you’ll enjoy preaching and teaching from his fresh and inspiring material. Every sermon delivers new ideas and inspiration. Watch the video below to see how it looks in WORDsearch.

Click here for more details or to download now.

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