What We Appreciate About Our Pastors


Pastor Appreciation Month is a great time to encourage and thank our pastors for what they do for us, on Sunday and every other day of the week. Being a leader can be a lonely, hard job, and we should help by letting them know how much they mean to us. Here at WORDsearch, we wanted to share with you some of the great things we love about our pastors here in Austin.

I appreciate my pastor’s ability to really study the Gospel’s true meaning and then communicate it in a way that is very easy for me to comprehend and apply to my everyday life. – Austin Bush, manager of sales and support

What I like about my pastor is his passion. He wants everyone to know that God loves them and that they can have a real, true, meaningful, and loving relationship with Him and that life with God is so wonderful in so many ways. In fact, he is so passionate about telling us this that often times he will raise his voice, push out the words, and his face crinkles up and his whole body will contract.  That’s how much he wants us to know that God loves us and wants us. – Julian Aram Garcia, WORDsearch technical support

I appreciate my pastor for the fact that he stands up for what he and our church believes in. He causes God’s voice be heard in the wilderness. He meets with many of the area pastors every month to stay in touch with the community and to get the other pastors’ views. He preaches good sound biblical sermons. He walks the walk and talks the talk. We love him. – Larry M. Connally, technical support agent

What I love about my pastor is that he is a teaching pastor. He uses Scripture, Greek and Hebrew word studies, and he has a great sense of humor. – Kelli Kelly, operations manager

I love that my pastor is wise. He always uses logical, smart points that make sense and challenge me in my faith. What do you appreciate about your pastor? Share with us, or more importantly, share with them!

Katie Cornett

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