Save Money with Automatic Custom Bundle Pricing

In the coming weeks you’ll notice some positive new changes to the Wordsearch website. Our tech teams have been working for months to make your experience at Wordsearch faster, easier, and more rewarding. The first change you’ll see is already in place and it’s called Automatic Custom Bundle Pricing. You’re going to love this new feature because it will save you money.

Automatic Custom Bundle Pricing – Here’s How it Works

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Wordsearch offers many “bundles.” Some bundles are commentary sets with multiple volumes. In most cases you can purchase individual volumes, or enjoy greater savings by taking the “bundle.” But, what happens when you already own several volumes in a set, and would still like a “bundle price” on the volumes needed to complete a set? That’s where Automatic Custom Bundle Pricingcomes in. The website will automatically calculate the best available price on the volumes you need.

This happens automatically anywhere on our website. If you are logged into your Wordsearch account our website will recognize what books you have in your library. So anywhere you shop on our site for bundles or sets, we’ll display a list price, a sale price, and your price. It will tell you, “Based on the volumes you own, your price is this.” It will even tell you “you already own this product.” This makes it certain that you pay the lowest possible price available and never end up purchasing the same books twice!

Here’s an example of what you might find if you owned several volumes of our best-selling bundle, The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Nobody appreciates pastors more than your friends at Wordsearch. We publish resources for those in ministry, and pastors are at the top of the list. So, for the month of October, we’ve created a special webpage with many of our most popular bundles. You’ll find each one of them is on sale, and if you already own any volumes in these bundles, you’ll get an even better price with our Automatic Custom Bundle Pricing feature. Even if you are not a pastor, feel free to take advantage of this sale. Wordsearch wishes to honor and serve all those in ministry. Click here to browse this sale.

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