Best Links of the Week 10/7/2017

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How to Shepherd in the Aftermath of a Disaster

Following any disaster, pastors find there are spiritual and emotional needs of persons in their community who may have experienced life-changing disaster, as well as the needs of the church itself. How we shepherd through these times will have both immediate and lasting impact in people’s lives. Posted by Pastors Today.

Read More – The New International Commentary

The volumes in this commentary bridge the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times. See how it looks in Wordsearch. Posted by Wordsearch.

How to Engage Your Community through Serving

We long for them to know about the ultimate way that Jesus has served us through the cross. We hope that our service points them to this hope. Posted by Pastors Today.

My Relationship with Leadership

Because of my experience, I think all of us can learn to be leaders. I don’t think leadership is simply something we are born with or not. We can learn skills, activities, and practices that help us in the area of leadership. Posted by Ed Stetzer.

The Four Most Common Acts of Stupidity that Get Pastors Fired

Pastors and other church leaders: Please heed the words in this post. Please understand the counsel comes from a guy who’s been around a while, a guy who has seen stupid more times than I would ever want. Posted by Thom Rainer.

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