Discover the Encyclopedia of Christianity

This massive set covers everything you can imagine that has anything to do with the Bible or our Christian faith. It reflects the highest standards in scholarship yet it’s intended for a wide range of readers. The Encyclopedia of Christianity also looks outward beyond Christianity, considering other world religions and philosophies as it paints the overall religious and sociocultural picture in which the Christian church now finds itself in the new millennium.

Written by leading scholars from many countries and cultural backgrounds, the more than 1,700 articles depict Christianity in its global and historical context. Articles from every continent and for over 170 countries examine both the history and the current situation of the Christian faith worldwide. The Encyclopedia of Christianity also examines cultural trends and modern political and economic forces. For example, if you look up the word “Egypt,” you’ll find the article not only reviews the importance of Egypt in biblical times, but also its importance throughout the entire history of Christian faith, right up to today.

Many Articles on Words You Won’t Find In the Bible

Consider a few important words like the Trinity, Atheism, Dispensationalism, Orthodoxy, and Reformation. These are all words that are not mentioned in the Bible, yet they represent concepts that are important to understand. TheEncyclopedia of Christianity not only covers nearly every person, place, and thing associated with Christianity, but it includes many words like these that are relevant and require research and understanding by those who minister to others.

A Resource You’ll Want Open Alongside Your Bibles and Commentaries

Having this resource open alongside your other study tools will quickly enhance your understanding of every conceivable Christian topic.

And there’s much more! The Encyclopedia of Christianity presents Christianity in its rich historical context, detailing biblical and apostolic traditions, and how the church has sought to keep faith with its traditions while engaging the world around it. Furthermore, you’ll find over 70 biographical articles on prominent figures throughout church history, articles on all but a few countries of the world, and articles that address topics of particular interest to English-speaking readers.

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