Best Links of the Week 10/13/2017

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Eight Biblical Reasons to Preach to People’s Minds

We seem to talk little about the role of the mind in discipleship. Serving? Yes. Caring? Yes. The fruit of the Spirit? Yes. But, the mind? We almost seem to fear the subject, except in the most generic sense. Posted by Pastors Today.

5 Great Things That Happen When Leaders Get Out of Their Offices

The pull to stay in your office can be strong. There are plenty of emails and plenty of meetings to keep leaders stuck in their offices. But wise leaders get out of their offices. Posted by Eric Geiger.

6 Reasons Pastors and Church Leaders Must be More Courageous Today

I hear from so many pastors and staff who are trained well in the classical disciplines, but who are ill-prepared for the real world of church ministry.  Posted by Pastors Today.

10 Steps To Becoming A Mentor Leader

The single most important factor that differentiates mentor leaders from other leaders in any setting is their outward focus on others. Posted by Tony Dungy.

Nine Common Types of Church Cowards

Many pastors and church leaders are miserable because of fewer than five percent of the church members. Posted by Thom Rainer.

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