The Explore by the Book Series


The Explore by the Book Series is a bundle of 4 volumes each containing 90 days of Bible study in a devotional format. You’ll find great content for use in your lessons, sermons, and group study.

Snacks vs. Full Meals

Sometimes we think of devotionals as healthy Bible “snacks.” Not so with the Explore by the Book Series. Each reading is more like a full meal. Just as the name suggests, each volume takes you through books of the Bible, passage-by-passage, highlighting important biblical truths. The aim of the authors is to cause us to spend more time thinking about God’s words than the words of the author.

Each reading concludes with provocative questions that cause us to think deeply about the Bible text. Following this is a short section titled Prayer. Instead of a prayer being written for us, what is offered is an appropriate suggestion of what we might pray for today.

Here is a sample from Romans 1:16-17, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel.”

“There are two ways to feel about sharing the gospel: eager (v 15), or ashamed (v 16). In these two verses, Paul will help us to be “not ashamed of the gospel.” Before you read on… Why is the gospel shameful, or offensive, to people? Here are four reasons. The gospel says: Salvation is undeserved; it offends moral people who think their goodness means they don’t need saving. We are all sinners; it offends the popular belief in the innate goodness of humanity. Only Jesus can save; it offends those who think that all spiritual paths lead to the same place. The road to glory is one of suffering and sacrifice; it offends those who want following Jesus to be easy and comfortable.


Do you ever doubt or forget the power of the gospel? What causes this? What difference would it make to you if you had a real grasp on how powerful the gospel is?


Thank God for this wonderful gospel. Ask God to make you so excited about what the gospel is, and does, that you are eager about living for it and sharing it.”

These volumes will take you deeper into the riches of Scripture, drawing you closer to the Lord and gaining fresh appreciation for His love for us in Christ. Having these volumes opened alongside your Bible in Wordsearch, along with the Word processor can help you process and write out your thoughts as you study.

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