The Standard Lesson Commentary

standard lesson commentary

The Standard Lesson Commentary provides you with a full-year’s worth of adult Sunday school materials. It provides you with everything you will need to prepare quality lessons with biblically sound teaching.

For each week of the year, you get a full, solidly Bible-based lesson ideal for group study. Each lesson is organized with Key Verse, Lesson Aims, Lesson Outline, Introduction, Lesson Background, and How to Say Biblical Words. Each lesson also includes verse-by-verse exposition, engaging discussion questions, graphics, illustrations, and relevant examples to get your students interested in the Bible. No matter what size class you teach, the Standard Lesson Commentary is adaptable to large or small sizes.

Based on International Sunday School Lessons/Uniform Series, the Standard Lesson Commentary can be trusted to create a life-changing environment in your adult Bible study or class. The lessons encourage students to apply what they learn into their life and enhance their Bible study. Each lesson is easy to understand for students, and if you are a teacher, you’ll be at ease knowing you can find everything you need to create a quality lesson in one place.

Each lesson contains Student Handouts that you can print, along with helpful slideshows that can walk your class through each element of the lesson, including the discussion questions. These handouts can enhance the lessons and also provide optional activities. You can plug your laptop into a projector or download the slideshow and open it in PowerPoint or use Google slides. This can help keep the class organized and engaged.

Here’s an example of how a lesson might go:

  • Participants have a printed out Scripture page to keep the Bible text close by
  • Introduction is given to the text and where the lesson is headed for the week
  • Verse-by-verse exposition and discussion questions help the participants understand the week’s text
  • Conclusion is given to summarize the lesson and the main theme
  • Prayer & Application

Even if you don’t teach a group, these lessons are wonderful for personal study. And if you do teach a group, you don’t want to miss out a great year’s worth of lessons.

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