Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament

The name “paideia” (pronounced Pie-Day-Ah) is an appropriate title for this 14-volume commentary. Paideia is a Greek word and concept that was highly regarded in ancient times. It refers to the proper tutoring shared between a master and student. Paideia appears several times in the New Testament, such as in 2 Timothy 3:16: “Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character.” This excellent commentary does exactly that.

A Detailed Review of the New Testament Text

The Paideia Commentaries offer expert insight into the New Testament Greek, yet do so in way that is understandable even for those without formal training in biblical languages. Specific attention is paid to the cultural, literary, and theological settings in which the original texts took form, and to the interests of the contemporary readers to whom these commentaries are addressed. Ideal for preachers, teachers, and Bible students, the aim of this series is to enable all of us to understand each book of the New Testament as a literary whole rooted in a particular ancient setting and related to its context within the New Testament.

Each section is explored from three angles: (1) introductory matters; (2) tracing the train of thought, narrative or rhetorical flow of the argument; and (3) theological issues raised by the text that are of interest to us today.

Pictures, Charts & Tables

The authors of these commentaries often insert pictures of relevant artifacts and locations to help you visualize what’s being offered in the commentary. You’ll find excellent charts and tables that help you connect lessons that appear in more than one place in the New Testament.

For example, below is a screenshot from the Matthew volume that comments on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This table shows a side-by-side comparison of the lessons Jesus taught in the passage, and where these lessons also appear in the gospel of Luke.

Paideia example

You can imagine how useful a chart like this can be, especially in Wordsearch, where you can simply mouse-over any of these hyperlinks and quickly read that Bible passage.

Paideia covers all of the New Testament, except for Thessalonians-Titus, Hebrews, and Revelation (yet to be completed).

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