Best Links of the Week 11/10/2017

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We Are First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas

My words are not adequate. Posted by

Lessons for Rural Pastors from Bob Ross

You probably don’t talk a lot about happy clouds when you preach. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

Distinguishing Between Holy and Unholy Discontent

A holy discontent comes from a deep belief that there must be something done to right a wrong with the world or to do all one can to ensure the gospel is brought to hurting people. Posted by Eric Geiger.

7 Things Great Leaders Do: Advice For Today’s Young Leaders

I’ve led in the business world, elected office, and now in ministry – and on dozens of non-profit boards. Along the way I’ve observed a few things about leadership. And, some great leaders have appeared along the way. Posted by Ron Edmondson.

Stop Telling People How Much You Love to Preach

No offense pastors, but nobody cares how much you love to preach. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

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