Thanksgiving Sale Starts Now!

Happy Thanksgiving! Like you, the Wordsearch staff will be home next Thursday with family and friends, giving thanks for all of God’s blessings. Our customer service team will be unavailable next Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, but a super holiday sale begins today online.

FREE STUFF! (Valued at $79.85)
We have priced a few of these items at $0.00. Please take these free resources even if you purchase nothing else. It’s our Thanksgiving gift to you. To find these free items, click here to browse the sale selection.

Low-Cost Resources to Build a Strong Bible Library
For this holiday sale, we tried to select resources that can add depth and strengthen any part of your digital Bible study library. You’ll find resources that include:

  • Bible Commentaries (Lots of commentaries!)
  • History & Culture
  • Church & Ministry
  • Teaching Helps
  • Theology Works
  • Bible Surveys
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • Sermon Helps
  • Study Helps

These Sale Prices Are Good Through Nov. 30
Remember to save this link. These specials will last through the end of the month, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday (when we will add a few more specials). Click here to browse now. Have a blessed holiday!

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