Best Links of the Week 11/24/2017

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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Preaching This Week

When it comes to preaching the sermon, we think about the text, do the exegesis, do as much language study as we can, think about the introduction, conclusion, and application. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

The Wordsearch Thanksgiving Sale

Low-Cost Resources to Build a Strong Bible Library. Posted by Wordsearch.

Facing Three Common Ministry Fears

Why does a seasoned pastor fear sharing the gospel with an unbeliever? Why does a grown man fear a hard conversation with his child? Why are we afraid to ask others for help? Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

5 Negative Influences on Pastors Who Leave Pastoring

In other words, why is it that some leaders tap out of pastoring, even after years of doing so, and move in a completely different direction? Posted by Eric Geiger.

Learn More about Boice Expositional Commentaries

A reformed theologian and pastor, Dr. James Montgomery Boice was known for combining careful scholarship with clear, personal communication. Posted by Wordsearch.

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