Using Study Bibles in Wordsearch

Study Bibles are extremely helpful tools for studying Scripture. They usually contain the Bible text along with study notes. This way when you are reading a passage and have a question about something, you can just find the note on that verse and see what the commentary says. Most study Bibles also include maps, charts, timelines, outlines, overviews, word studies, character studies, photographs, and diagrams that bring more clarity to the text.

In Wordsearch, study Bibles are even more helpful. Instead of having to use the ESV with the ESV Study Bible notes only, you can choose any translation you have in your library. So, you can have any of your preferred translations open, and all of the material in the study Bibles will sync and follow along. For example, you can use the KJV Bible text along with the CSB Study Bible. How cool is that?

New CSB Study Bibles Just Released

We have just released 5 new study Bibles based on the new, highly accurate, and readable Christian Standard Bible translation. (The CSB translation is available FREE on our website.) They are:

All of these new Study Bibles, along with 10 others, are on sale now! Learn more and add some study Bibles to your digital library here.

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