Best Link of the Weeks 12/15/2017

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The Most Important Part of Your Sermon

The entire sermon is important. Each part is connected to the others and is a part of a greater whole. I am on board with you. But I want to argue that one part of the sermon is more important than the others. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

Research and Thoughts on Billy Graham’s Legacy and Leadership

There will be a lot said about Billy Graham, and rightly so, in coming years as people reflect on his legacy and his leadership. Posted by Eric Geiger.

A Test for Christian Leaders

Christian leaders are sinners before we’re leaders. We’re all fallen men and women destined for hell apart from the grace of God. That means that we Christian leaders have no grounds for ego. Posted by Chuck Lawless.

The Critical Trends for Churches in 2018

Cultural Christianity is all but dead. The “Nones,” those without any religious preference, are increasing. Many of the communities are no longer friendly to local churches; some have become adversarial. Posted by Thom Rainer.

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