The Journey Series

Author Tommy Higle knows that every Bible study is an adventurous journey. The Journey Series® is a library filled with insight and practical lessons that Higle, a seasoned pastor, spent over 30 years writing.

The Journey Series® is written for hungry students of God’s Word. Each book is a series of lessons designed to be used for personal study, small groups, or Sunday school. Many pastors say they use The Journey Series® as ready-to-preach sermons. Over 12,000 churches have used this wonderful resource.

Tommy Higle guides you on your expository and topical journey through individual books of the Bible, lives of Bible characters, and topics pertinent to daily life. Higle has organized his series into 3 categories:

  • The Journey Bible Series takes a focused look at individual books of the Bible, such as Psalms, John, and Revelation.
  • The Journey Living Series concentrates on important elements of Christian life, for example Discipleship, Prayer, and Marriage.
  • The Journey People & Topical Series examines Bible characters, including Moses and Peter, plus important Bible topics, such as the names of God, and the second coming of Christ.

The Journey Series® is a massive library of exciting discoveries. You’ll appreciate Higle’s exposition and his engaging questions and answers.

Each volume in this set is Scripture-Synced. You already know how helpful syncing can be when you open Bibles and commentaries in Wordsearch. They stay in sync and scroll together. Any Bible you have opened in Wordsearch will automatically stay synced to your studies in The Journey Series®.

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