Extensive Insight on How the Bible Speaks Powerfully Today

The NIV Application Commentary Series is unique in its approach to helping you understand God’s Word. The 42 volumes in this commentary explain not only what the Bible meant when it was written, but also provide extensive insight on how these words speak powerfully today.

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The commentary on each section of Scripture takes you through three important steps to help you with both halves of the interpretative task: exegesis and theological application.

1. Original Meaning explores the meaning of each Scripture in light of its historical and cultural context. Key Greek and Hebrew words are highlighted, explored, and explained. Difficult and controversial passages are discussed in detail. This first step is similar to what you might find in other commentaries.

2. Bridging Contexts is a unique feature that connects the world of the Bible with the world of today. You will enjoy how the authors take you deep into the culture and time of the biblical texts. They describe the sights, sounds, and smells that people were experiencing at the time of the writing. You’ll understand in precise detail the local customs, beliefs, and superstitions. You’ll learn what motivated ancient societies, what they feared, and how they sought relief from hardships we have never faced in our times.

3. Contemporary Significance is the final step that helps you apply the Bible to everyday life. This section allows the biblical message to speak with as much power today as it did when it was first written. You’ll find how it’s completely natural to apply what you learn about Jerusalem, Ephesus, or Corinth to our present-day needs in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, or wherever you are.

A Massive Amount of Inspiring Material

The NIV Application Commentary does not deal briefly with any passage. You’ll find page after page of discovery on each text. The sheer volume of scholarly research and inspiring truths that are teachable and applicable make this commentary difficult to scan. You will want to read everything!

The unmatched benefits of The NIV Application Commentary Series cause it to be equally praised by preachers, teachers, Bible scholars, and students.

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