Guide Believers Through Discipleship

Discipleship is an important part of our faith. Guiding believers to follow all that Christ commanded and modeled through God’s Word is a serious responsibility that can seem overwhelming. To help you as you disciple others, we are highlighting two discipleship studies available for Wordsearch.

Design for Discipleship – Used by Millions of Believers

This great resource will add an endless supply of wisdom and depth to your digital library. Over seven million Design for Discipleship books have already been printed and put into use. This tool has a proven track record.

You may notice the Design for Discipleship book covers show a large tree with roots that go deep into the ground. This is a good illustration for how this set works. The seven volumes of this program take believers on a journey, one step at a time, beginning with elementary aspects of faith, like who God is, why He loves us, sin, and redemption. One lesson builds upon another, and as students progress, more advanced elements of faith are introduced and explained. The result is that believers end up like that tree with roots deeply rooted in the Word of God.

Each lesson is organized with Scripture references, charts, illustrations, and most importantly, discussion questions that cause students to discover Bible truths for themselves. A leader’s guide is also provided for each book, and it contains extra tips and suggestions for leading a group.

Growing Disciples Series – Guide Students Through a Fully-Developed Understanding of the Basics

The Growing Disciples Series was developed by Claude King, the co-author of Experiencing God. Each book in the Growing Disciples Series contains six or seven weekly lessons (43 total weeks of study). Each includes a Leader’s Guide, Discipleship Helps, and Scripture-Memory Cards that can be printed and passed out. Ideal for small groups or Sunday school, you will guide students through a fully-developed understanding of the basic aspects of Christian faith. Together you can explore the Scriptures on important disciplines such as Bible reading, prayer, ministry to other believers, fellowship, and evangelism. Each lesson breaks the week into five days, offering five specific actions for you to apply each day.

Using the Growing Disciples Series in Wordsearch will make your lessons even more relevant and personal, especially because this set is Lessonmaker Compatible in Wordsearch 11. Take students through all seven volumes and you’ll be amazed by their levels of spiritual maturity.

Each of these seven-volume bundles has a retail value of over $60, but, through February 15, you can download each set for only $19.95. Learn more here.


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