The Baker New Testament Commentary

Perhaps there’s no such thing as “the perfect sermon,” but there are times when you preach or teach and you just know your message has connected in a personal way. It’s something special when the Holy Spirit gives you timely insight and uses your voice to stir the hearts of people towards God. Baker has kept this in mind while putting together the Baker New Testament Commentary.

The Baker New Testament Commentary meets the needs of the busy pastor and serious student of the Scriptures. Each volume presents a verse-by-verse analysis, expert scholarship, sound exegesis, a fresh translation, doctrinal considerations, practical notes, and useful applications.

This authors wrote this evangelical commentary with patience and precision. Every expository sentence has been meticulously studied and researched – it took the combined efforts of two respected theologians nearly 50 years to complete.

Always taking a detailed look at the Greek text, the Baker New Testament Commentary presents everything in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Sometimes the authors will pause to explain proper rules of exegesis and how it may apply to an accurate reading of a given text. Furthermore, they often point out subtleties of Greek grammar and figures of speech that lend specific meanings to words and phrases.

If you want quality evangelical scholarship clearly communicated, the Baker New Testament Commentary will benefit you greatly in Wordsearch. The regular price for this set is $249.95, but, until March 5, you can add it to your digital library for just $69.95, our lowest price ever. Click here to order now and save 72%.

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