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If you are a pastor, Wordsearch can help you quickly and effectively prepare sermons that are faithful to biblical text and compelling to your congregation. Expository Preaching Through the Old Testament and the Steven J. Cole Sermon Series are two sets that provide an endless supply of fresh material for preaching and teaching. Both of the preachers who created this content have been preaching for decades, and you’ll be inspired by their work.

Steven J. Cole Sermon Series
Steven J. Cole’s sermons cover much of the Bible and just about any Bible topic you can imagine. Cole is more than a preacher; he’s also a teacher. Like a preacher, he lays open a Bible passage and explains, exhorts, inspires, and encourages. But as a teacher, he offers practical insights so his listeners receive inspiration and education regarding God and themselves. He even concludes each sermon with 3 or 4 “Discussion Questions,” just like you would do if leading a study group. This bundle contains 1,083 of Cole’s sermons. Click here to learn more or add to your library now for only $49.95.

Expository Preaching Through the Old Testament
This 21-volume sermon collection is by Rev. Bob Marcaurelle. In these volumes, Marcaurelle takes you through the Old Testament, preaching on almost every major story and character. He provides an endless supply of fresh material for preaching and teaching. Reading his sermons will make you want to sit and listen to him preach, they are that good. Excellent teaching flows from every paragraph. Marcaurelle’s sermon outlines are well thought out and deeply researched. Most of his outlines are beautifully alliterated. He offers a great amount of detail, insights, observations, and life applications that makes it easy to take what is useful for sermons and lessons of your own. Click here to learn more or add to your library now for only $49.95.

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