Designed to Encourage Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching of the Old Testament

The Gospel According to the Old Testament is a series of 18 volumes that will help you preach & teach Christ from the Old Testament. Each volume aims to promote a Christ-centered reading of Scripture, encourage Christ-centered preaching and teaching, and clearly show how the narrative of the Old Testament points to and foreshadows Christ. Written for pastors and those who love God’s Word, this series provides thoughtful, Christ-focused theology at an accessible level.

See Jesus Foreshadowed in Old Testament Stories

A practical resource for expositing the text and creating sermons, the volumes focus mostly on Old Testament people rather than books or themes. For example, this bundle includes volumes like The Gospel According to the Old Testament: After God’s Own Heart : The Gospel According to David and many others on people like Job, Moses, Ruth, Daniel, Esther, Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham. It also includes a few Bible books, like Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges and a volume on Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship. You’ll be inspired by seeing Christ in ways you may not have before, and excited to preach or teach what you learn.

The Redemptive Story of the Bible

Each volume consults a wide range of sources, and includes footnotes and bibliographies. At the end of each chapter the author provides questions for further reflection. These questions help you stop and think, appreciating the redemptive story of the Bible as a whole. The authors of The Gospel According to the Old Testament lead you to Jesus in their work, and you’ll come away from studying encouraged by the intricacy and perfection of God’s plan.

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