A Commentary for Pastors

Preaching Through the Bible is a commentary for pastors. Completed over the course of ten years, gifted orator Joseph Parker wrote these volumes to train and equip pastors as he preached through the entire Bible.

Preaching Through the Bible breaks down Scripture into preachable sections and offers wisdom, wit, and insight throughout. His words speak into the meaning of the text and the needs of the human heart.

Written by a Pastor with a Heart for Pastors

Instead of going verse-by-verse, Preaching Through the Bible leads you to discover the main idea or principal purpose of each book of the Bible. Parker’s own purpose in writing this commentary is pastoral—to “arm you against temptation, enrich you with solid comfort, and fortify you with the wisdom of God.” You’ll then be able to take what you learn out to the people in your ministry.

A Life Built Around Preaching

Parker was well-known in his time (late 1800s) for his energetic delivery of sermons. A contemporary of Charles Spurgeon and Alexander Maclaren, all Parker wanted to do or be known for was preaching. He studied and meditated on Scripture, building his life around his passionate life’s work of preaching.

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