The Works of Wiersbe

Often referred to as “the pastor’s pastor,” Warren Wendel Wiersbe is a well-known and trusted theologian, pastor, and teacher. In his works, he brings fresh clarity to the Scriptures by exposing truths that reside within the Bible. His practical approach to commenting on Scripture is filled with material you’ll find easy to adapt to sermons and Bible lessons. Renowned as a great expositor and highly-respected evangelical scholar, Wiersbe has a talent for taking broad sections of Scripture and distilling them into applicable lessons that are especially suitable for sermons, lessons, and personal study.

For a limited time, Wiersbe’s most popular works available for your Wordsearch Bible library are on sale. The BE Series, Classic Sermon Series, and Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Bible are all priced at the lowest prices we’ve ever offered. You’ll also find that all individual volumes of the BE Series, The Elements of Preaching, and Prayer 101 are on sale for only $2.95 each.

The BE Series

Imagine owning a bookshelf with 57 volumes of practical advice on the whole Bible. Whatever passage you might be studying, deeper insight would be at your fingertips. That’s what the Bible Exposition Commentary Series brings to your Wordsearch library. This library is called the BE Series because Warren Wiersbe discovered that every book of the Bible tells us to “be” something. Wiersbe’s commentary more than lives up to its title, and consulting it will keep your focus on all that God desires you to be. Wiersbe takes a positive and upbeat approach to commenting on the Scriptures. He gives advice that encourages action. He’s not overly-technical and often pauses to point out important emphases hidden in the Bible text. He inserts personal and homespun stories in just the right spots, serving as practical examples that illustrate key Bible truths. All of the Bible is covered in these 57 volumes, and you’ll find the Topical and Reference Explorer features of Wordsearch will quickly show you what Wiersbe has to say on any Scripture or topic.

The Classic Sermons Series

The Classic Sermons Series contains over 400 great sermons that have been carefully organized by topic and will be a valuable resource when added to your Wordsearch library. In the 1980s, Wiersbe started collecting and publishing the books of sermons in the Classic Sermons Series. They are the best he could find on what he considered “significant themes of the Bible.” You’ll find compelling sermons from great preachers such as Charles H. Spurgeon, Alexander Maclaren, D. L. Moody, and many more. It was never Wiersbe’s intention for preachers and teachers to take these sermons to the pulpit and use as their own. But Wiersbe points out that by reading these sermons while studying a particular theme you can “enrich your spiritual life and your skills as an interpreter and expounder of God’s truth.” Furthermore, you will find plenty of ideas and illustrations that are easy to incorporate into your own sermons and lessons. Plus, the powerful cross-referencing and topical searches in Wordsearch connect this tool to many of the other resources in your library. You’ll also appreciate that this collection of sermons makes use of the Scripture-Synced Sermons function.

Expository Outlines on the Bible

Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Bible is a great resource for anyone who preaches, teaches, or loves to study God’s Word. The way Wiersbe breaks down each book of your Bible chapter-by-chapter will help you understand each book and learn to share biblical lessons with others. This bundle covers the entire Bible and is meant to give you the opportunity to studyeach book and learn how they each fit into the big picture God has given us in Christ and Hisredemptive work. Wiersbe brings fresh clarity to the Scriptures by exposing truths that reside within the Bible. These outlines highlight his God-given talent for taking broad sections of Scripture and distilling them into practical and applicable lessons. These lessons are especially suitable for Sunday school classes and Bible study groups that want to examine the Bible in a systematic way.

Each one of these works will grow your knowledge of the Bible. This sale ends April 30. Browse here.

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