Precise Visuals to Help You Preach and Teach

If you’ve ever tried to teach what the Jewish Tabernacle or Temple was like, you know how helpful graphic resources can be. Materials that illustrate lessons like these can help bring clarity to the complex. In this Rose Publishing Graphic Resources Bundle, you’ll find fascinating photographs, maps, illustrations, and charts that organize Bible information in a way that is easy to understand and share with others.

This bundle includes 54 resources filled with thoughtful and organized material that can help you teach. The artwork included in resources like The Temple is expertly created and beautiful to look at, and will inspire you to teach the best lesson possible. The Temple even has cut-away drawings by the renowned archaeological architect and Temple Mount expert Leen Ritmeyer.

One of the best features of this bundle is how it works in Wordsearch. This extensive collection of Bible maps is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. You can click on a map and see modern borders and locations overlaid. Click again and the modern map toggles off. Wordsearch also makes it easy for you to export these graphics into a PowerPoint presentation or other teaching platforms like Google Slides.

How does this work in Wordsearch? Watch the demo videos below.

Create engaging and beautiful lessons or studies with the Rose Publishing Graphic Resources Bundle. This bundle is on sale until May 21. Learn more here.

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