Wordsearch 12 – New Features Overview

Wordsearch 12 is our brand new, most advanced, and powerful desktop tool for creating sermons, lessons, and personal Bible study. By upgrading to Wordsearch 12, you’ll experience an even more streamlined process when creating powerful sermons and lessons.

The first of the new and exciting updates that can be found in Wordsearch 12 is the addition of the Lexicon Explorer. The Lexicon Explorer has been added to give you easier access to original language information in your study. To use the Lexicon Explorer, simply double-click on any original language word. The Lexicon Explorer window will open up with all the information available from the lexicons in your library in one window. You no longer have to keep switching between windows or opening up tab after tab of word study books to get a full picture of the original language.

Another addition to the program is OneDrive integration. Word processing documents can now be created inside Wordsearch and saved to your Microsoft OneDrive. Not only is this another way to back up your information by storing it in the cloud, it also allows you to view those documents on multiple computers. The best part is that with the OneDrive app available on your mobile devices, you can access those documents right from the pulpit.

We have also reorganized the toolbar to create a better experience. The first icon on the toolbar is now the Unlock button to make it easier to add your purchased books into the program. The functions on the toolbar are now grouped with other like functions. Icons can also be removed from the toolbar by right-clicking anywhere on the toolbar.

The backup function in Wordsearch has always backed up and protected your personal information against loss, but it only worked if you remembered to back up your program. In Wordsearch 12, we now have automated backups. You can choose the schedule and Worsearch 12 will automatically prompt you to run the backup. You can even choose to backup every time you close the program so you don’t have to worry about it.

The sermon illustrations database has also received some major upgrades as well. One upgrade is that the sermon and illustrations database now integrates better with NoteStacks as they now share a common subject index. Now the note cards that you are creating in NoteStacks can be directly filed under your sermon subjects, making it easier to group and find information in your sermon prep and writing time.

Sometimes as you’re creating a sermon the hardest part is getting started or maybe even you always use the same type of sermon. Now to aid you in your sermon prep we have included simple sermon outline templates to give you a quick start or maybe even just a fresh new method for outlining your sermon.

To learn more about Wordsearch 12 or to download now, visit our website.

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