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The New International Commentary combines readability with expert scholarship and is highly regarded by theologians, preachers, and Bible students. The volumes in this commentary bridge the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times.

Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book and examines its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology.

Here is how the intro for the Mark volume looks in Wordsearch. Each section of the intro is separated out into the eight parts included in this specific volume so you can easily know which section you would like to study.


The authors, who are world-renowned biblical authorities, provide their own translation from the original language to form the basis of the commentary proper. You can click on the footnotes to see their explanation of why they translated in the way they did from the Greek.

Here’s an example of the commentary for Mark chapter 1 with some of the footnotes opened up in the translation. (The footnotes are in blue text, the red numbers are what you click to open them.)


You can also have another Bible translation opened alongside the NIC to compare.


Following the translation are verse-by-verse comments that nicely balance in-depth discussions of technical matters. Like in all Wordsearch books, cross-references are hyperlinks that you can hover over to see the full text of the verse. (Or you can click on the verse to open it in another window to see the whole context.)


The commentary in the NIC is scholarly explanation of the text and its implications for today’s application. The original Hebrew and Greek texts are carefully studied, and critical comments are footnoted.

The footnote from the commentary here is shown in blue, and only shows up when you click on the red number. (This is so footnotes will not distract you in your study unless you would like to read them, then they are right there, you can read them, and then click the red number to hide them again.)


The contributors to the NIC aim to help you understand God’s word as clearly as possible, and using this set in Wordsearch is much more helpful to you in your study.

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  1. This is a good offer, but i wish the dateline could be extended. WORDsearch, Keep the good work going. Philip

  2. Is the NIC compatible with bibleworks 10 ?

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