A Wealth of Valuable Insight for Studying John & Acts

Praised as “one of the greatest living commentators on the New Testament,” Craig Keener has written two massive commentary sets, both highly praised and hailed as two of the best commentaries available on the Bible books of John and Acts. Both sets are now available for your Wordsearch library at our special intro price for a limited time.

Acts: An Exegetical Commentary

Acts: An Exegetical Commentary may be the largest and most thoroughly documented commentary on the book of Acts available. The four volumes are over 4,400 pages and cite more than 45,000 extrabiblical ancient references. An invaluable, exhaustive resource, Keener’s magnum opus will be the first commentary you’ll want to turn to when studying Acts.

Useful not only for the study of Acts but also early Christianity, this work sets Acts in its first-century context. Keener’s primary focus is on the social, historical, and rhetorical aspects of the text while examining how Acts compares with the events of history. He utilizes an unparalleled range of ancient sources and offers a wealth of fresh insights from his decades’ worth of extensive research.

The Gospel of John: A Commentary

The Gospel of John is a two-volume commentary with over 1,600 pages. Keener explores the Jewish and Greco-Roman settings of John deeply, paying special attention to social-historical and rhetorical features of the gospel. Citing about 4,000 different secondary sources and over 20,000 references from ancient literature, this commentary is an exhaustive, useful commentary to have in your Wordsearch library. A monumental work, this commentary may be the most thoroughly documented commentary on the book of John.

Invaluable Resources for Your Wordsearch Library

Keener’s writing is clear and easy to follow, making these encyclopedic works useful for anyone who wants to learn more about John and Acts, from preaching through the books to personal Bible study.

Using these works in Wordsearch will not only save you shelf space, but will make your studies faster and easier. You can search this wealth of information for what you need by just creating a search. While studying, you can hover over the many linked Bible verses to read the verse in a pop-up window, or click on it to read the verse in context. You can also have multiple Bibles open alongside this commentary to have the full text available. For a limited time, you can add both commentary sets to your library for only $199.95.

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